Free offer for women suffering with lichen sclerosus

A few of our patients with lichen sclerosus or eczema have noted that Altar™ cream has benefited them.

The Cellular Medicine Association is offering 1 free bottle of Altar™ to 50 women who suffer from lichen sclerosus.  Please only use it with the permission of your physician.

This is simply a gift and not a formal study or the establishment of a patient-doctor relationship.  Should feedback be favorable (which you can offer only if you choose to do so), then we will use the Institute for Lichen Sclerosus & Vulvar Health to fund a study of the cream.

Here’s more about the science behind the cream.

If you wish to have a free bottle and suffer with lichen sclerosus, then send an email to the following address with the words, “lichen, free bottle” in the subject line. Please include a mailing address and first and last name.

After 50 bottles, we will not be able to send more bottles for free unless it’s part of a future formal study.

You’re accepting the cream with the understanding that you will use it only with the permission and supervision of your physician. Even though Altar™ is a non-prescription product, you’re agreeing that you will not use the cream without the participation of your physician.