The Science of Altar™

The exclusive patented ingredient in Altar™
that both enhances the effectiveness of the Vampire Facelift® & the Vampire Facial® procedures
that (with ongoing use) decreases senescent cells as well as causing angiogenesis & increased fibroblast activity
is SBD-4.

Below, you can read some of the research documenting the development of SBD-4…

*SBD-4 Promotes Healing of Severe Wounds

*SBD.4A-Demonstrates gene expression to decrease the numbers of senescent cells could explain SBD-4’s smoothing of skin and cellulite.

*Osteoblast activation, fibroblast activity, angiogenesis and healing of peridontal disease with SBD4

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*Effect of SBD.4A–a defined multicomponent preparation of Angelica sinensis–in periodontal regeneration models

*SBD.4 stimulates regenerative processes in vitro, and wound healing in genetically diabetic mice and in human skin/severe-combined immunodeficiency mouse chimera.

*Angelica sinensis isolate SBD.4: composition, gene expression profiling, mechanism of action and effect on wounds, in rats and humans